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Transforming a 1 Bedroom Apartment in The Greens:

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In the heart of Dubai, where innovation meets luxury, lies The Greens Flat 301 – a stunning 1-bedroom apartment that underwent a breathtaking transformation courtesy of our expert team at Luxury Concept Interiors .From flooring to ceilings, every aspect of this renovation was meticulously crafted to elevate the living experience to new heights of elegance and sophistication.

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We started by installing new parquet flooring throughout the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, infusing warmth and sophistication into every step. For the bathroom, we opted for matte grey ceramic tiles on both the walls and floor, creating a seamless and modern aesthetic.

The kitchen received a bespoke makeover with a custom-made design featuring built-in appliances. We utilized a combination of MDF off-white color for the wall units and MDF with walnut veneer texture for the ground units, achieving a harmonious blend of functionality and style.

To maximize space and enhance functionality, we installed a toilet wall unit with a niche and hidden lights, concealing the toilet flush tank within for a sleek and modern look. Additionally, a black-coated aluminum glass partition was installed for the Italian shower, complemented by black sanitary ware for a striking contrast against the grey backdrop.

The entire apartment was painted with a fresh coat of white, adding brightness and a sense of openness to the space, while also serving as a versatile backdrop for future décor choices.

A comprehensive electrical upgrade was undertaken, including the installation of new sockets, smart switches, and the integration of a Google Assistant built-in Hub Max. This innovative addition allows for convenient control through applications and voice commands, enhancing both convenience and efficiency. Additionally, a detailed lighting layout was meticulously drawn to optimize illumination throughout the apartment.

To add dimension and sophistication, we installed a bulkhead gypsum ceiling painted in pristine white, complemented by a new light distribution featuring modular chandeliers, spotlights, and modular pendant lights in the bedroom. Furthermore, the gypsum ceiling of the kitchen was raised to match the corridor, creating a seamless flow throughout the space. In the bathroom, a closed gypsum ceiling with cove lighting and spotlights adds a touch of luxury and tranquility.

This renovation project at The Greens Flat 301 showcases our dedication to excellence in interior design, combining functionality with aesthetics to create a space that truly reflects the epitome of modern living. As a leading name in interior design in Dubai, Luxury Concept Interiors  continues to redefine apartment living, one project at a time.

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